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"Go America! Supporting our girl in her play, Lips Together, Teeth Apart."  - Amber Tamblyn on Instagram,

"Go America! Supporting our girl in her play, Lips Together, Teeth Apart."  - Amber Tamblyn on Instagram,

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I know that being back here reminds you how much we need you…how much I need you

the feels.

I’m on the west coast meaning I’ll be live tweeting TVD in 10 minutes! Who’s with me? Follow me @adelelivetweets or on my main twitter @itsadeleee. YAY!

Amy is the best. That is all.

Amy is the best. That is all.

Yvette Monreal makes her first appearance as Reagan on Faking It!

Oliver makes me smile. Lol.

Here’s a list of shows I’m watching this season in which I’m all caught up:

The Originals
Faking It
Jane the Virgin
The Mindy Project

Shows I need to catch up on:
Sleepy Hollow (like half a season…..)
Arrow (pretty much a season and a half)
Manhattan Love Story
A to Z
How to Get Away With Murder

Anything you wanna talk about? :D

ALSO, this tumblr turned 4 years old on Sunday! I just wanted to thank all of you for sticking with me over the years, even though I’ve been MIA for the past year or so. <3 Thanks again!

She helped me once a long time ago become who I am. She saved my life and yours…

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So TVD and Reign came back today, but I’m not caught I didn’t watch the premieres. :(

Anyways, keep me entertained and ask me random questions?


Nick Jonas - Flaunt Magazine (complete photo-shoot)

This scene was my favorite.

Me too, Karma, me too. LOLJK

I always like to check in. Just letting ya’ll know I’m still here! I’ve been really busy with stuff this week! But omg, so far the Mindy Project and Faking It are back and i’m loving the episodes. Also, I really enjoyed the Gotham pilot! I’ll be back soon to do some recaps and gif making

"Problem" information


Kevin McHale sings “Big Sean” part of this song.

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