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Random rant about Mark Hapka & DOOL…any Days of Our Lives fans out there?

Today, Mark Hapka who has played Nathan Horton since 2009 revealed to his fans (by Twitter and initiating a chat room) that he was let go/is leaving Days of Our Lives, due to some creative disagreements.

He was one of the main reasons I watched DOOL, along with Molly Burnett, Casey Deidrick, Chandler Massey, Shelley Hennig, and even the ones who are no longer on the show Ashley Benson, Rachel Melvin, Darin Brooks, Mandy Musgrave, Blake Berris, Trevor Donovan especially because they portray/portrayed the younger generation of DOOL, which is what I could relate to being part of the young generation of today.

I haven’t been keeping up lately with DOOL because I felt the story lines kept going in circles and the main one I kept following (Melanie and Nathan) was never given any justice. Like Mark said, a lot of his scenes, were just casual; he was there to be a filler, someone to support other people’s story lines and there was a lack of exploration of his own story line.

I believe he did a really great job at his role and I think he has so much potential to become a amazing actor in the future. I’ll miss him on DAYS. I just wonder how Nathan Horton will leave Days, or if Mark Hapka will be replaced. I wonder how the writers could treat MATE with little care. I think they were the EPIC love story of this young generation of DAYS, but whatever. I will keep on trying to support him in his future endeavors.

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